Becoming an entrepreneur on the Albert Cuyp market

Welcome to the Albert Cuyp market!
We’re looking forward to meet you as our new
colleague! Below is a roadmap of how get to your market stall at the Albert Cuyp.

To start with you should know that the Albert Cuyp is a so-called ‘free market’, which means that there is no tenant mix strategy. There is however a fixed number of places for vending carts (foodtrucks). However, these are currently not available since they belong to permanent placeholders. This means that you’re not allowed to stand on the market with your own food truck but only with a market stall.

Every Wednesday a special organic market is held on the First Sweelinckstraat.

Step 1.
Get a market permit.

To obtain a market permit you need to stop by the market desk; the so-called ‘Marktbureau’. Please bring your registration of the population and your registration of the Chamber of Commerce.

PLEASE NOTE! Bring these documents:
– Registration of the population
– Registration Chamber of Commerce
At the market desk you can apply for 7 markets in Amsterdam, including the Albert Cuyp. Upon registration you will receive the following:
1. Market permit
2. Seniority number

The market permit costs € 57, -.

Market desk/ ‘Marktbureau’, reception counter 30 Amstel 1
1011 PN Amsterdam

Opening hours:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 10.00 until 13.00u o’ clock. Thu: 13.00 until 16.00 o’ clock.

Contact information:
Phone: 14 020

Step 2. Drawing of lots at the market

Now that you have your market permit, you will put on the candidates list from which the draw is made. This is done in order of seniority (Thus the “oldest” stalls are at the top of the list). Every morning lots will be drawn.

The Albert Cuyp is divided in three markets:
The first market runs from Ferdinand Bolstraat to the Eerste van der Helstraat.
The second market runs from the Eerste van der Helstraat tot he Eerste Sweelinckstraat. The third market runs from the Eerste Sweelinckstraat to the Van Woustraat.

First market: every morning at 09.00 o’ clock in front of Koffiehuis ‘de Markt’: Albert Cuypstraat 122-B.
Second market: every morning at 09.15 o’ clock in front of Eetcafé ‘Moos’: Albert Cuypstraat 166.
Third market: every morning 09.30 o’ clock in front of Lunchcafe ‘Bozz’: Albert Cuypstraat 240.

It is wise to be present fifteen minutes in advance. Needless to say you can participate in the drawing of lots of all the three markets.

If you want to be on the market on Fridays and Saturdays you are obliged to be present at least 1 day Monday to Thursday*. You are then placed on the so-called ‘A-list’ for the draw on Friday and Saturday.

* This arrangement will expire if there is a public holiday on one of the Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, or if the market is canceled on a Monday until Thursday.

Step 3. You may be on the market!

Now you are given a place here is some useful information. The costs are as follows:

Rates (per day):
€ 19.82 – City of Amsterdam – Electricity, water and cleaning costs (incl. VAT) and promotion costs (excl. VAT).
€ 16.00 – Rent stall
Optionally: Power, € 5,57 extra.

Times (important to know)
The market surveillance men walking along the stalls from 11:00 o’clock to check stalls for presence and to settle the bill (by pin).
You can unpack until 11.00 o’clock. Then the car barriers at the entrances close and the Albert Cuyp is car and bicycle free.
At 16.30 o’clock the car barriers open again so you can prepare to leave.
At 18:00 o’clock the market is cleaned.

At the market office ‘Marktkantoor’ (Where you can find the market regulators as well) you can pick up free yellow garbage bags. You can use these to present your garbage in at the end of the day. You can also walk by the office if you have any questions.
The office market is at Albert Cuypstraat 261-263.

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